Project Submission No. S00154
Project Title Poultry Liter to Bio CNG project by M/s Solika Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Project Owner (as per PSF & LOA) EKI Energy Services Limited, Solika Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Focal Point of Project Owners*(FP)
EKI Energy Services Limited
Email of Contact Person of FP (Primary)
Email of Contact Person of FP (Secondary)
Country India
Submission Date 15 Feb 2022
Global Stakeholder Consultation Period 4 Apr 2022 - 18 Apr 2022
Sector 1.Energy industries (renewable-/non-renewable sources)
GCC/CDM Methodology & Version AMS-III.D - Version 21.0, AMS-III.AQ. - Version 2.0
Forecasted GHG Emission Reduction(TCO2/Year) 38,985 tCO2e
Forecasted E+ Label Yes
Forecasted S+ Label Yes
Forecasted SDG+ Goals 1,5,8,9
Forecasted SDG+ Label Platinum
Forecasted Market Eligibility CORSIA(C+)
Name of Authorized External Representative Organization
Name of Focal Point of External Representative
Email-id of Focal Point
Documents for Global Stakeholder Consultation Project Submision, Calculation Sheet,
Project Brief

M/s Solka Enery Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred as SEPL) has set up biogas plant in Balanagar Village Panchayat & Udityala Village, Jadcharla Mandal, and District. Mehboobnagar, State. Telangana, which produces Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) and organic fertilizer.
The primary objective of the project is to effectively demonstrate the use of Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) high-rate methanization digesters to not only generate CBG, which substitute transport fuel like but CNG also achieve an environmentally friendly way of managing poultry and dairy manure.
The purpose of the project activity is to treat the poultry and dairy manure generated from Poultry farms and dairy farms nearby. It aims to convert the dairy and poultry manure into organic manure, develop and market organic manure. Generated biogas is compressed after purification and supply
as transport fuel like CNG. This acts as a solution to reduce pollutions by avoiding fossil fuel burning like CNG and achieve reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Additional Information

The annual estimated emission reductions for the project activity isĀ 38,985 tCO2e.