Project Submission No. S00466
Project Title 45 MW Bundled Solar Project at Madhya Pradesh and Telangana
Project Owner (as per PSF & LOA) Narbheram Power and Steel Private Limited
Focal Point of Project Owners*(FP)
Narbheram Power and Steel Private Ltd
Email of Contact Person of FP (Primary)
Email of Contact Person of FP (Secondary)
Country India
Submission Date 8 Jun 2022
Global Stakeholder Consultation Period 5 Oct 2022 - 19 Oct 2022
Sector 1.Energy industries (renewable-/non-renewable sources)
GCC/CDM Methodology & Version GCC M001 Methodology for Renewable Energy Generation Projects Supplying Electricity to Grid or Captive Consumers, Version 3.0.
Forecasted GHG Emission Reduction(TCO2/Year) 75,236
Forecasted E+ Label Yes
Forecasted S+ Label Yes
Forecasted SDG+ Goals 7,8,9,13
Forecasted SDG+ Label Gold
Forecasted Market Eligibility CORSIA(C+)
Name of Authorized External Representative Organization INFINITE ENVIRONMENT SOLUTIONS LLP
Name of Focal Point of External Representative Jimmy Sah
Email-id of Focal Point
Documents for Global Stakeholder Consultation Project Submision, Calculation Sheet, Other Documents
Project Brief

The proposed project activity is the installation of a two new grid-connected bundled 45 MW Solar power plant/unit at sites where no renewable power plant was operating prior to the implementation of the project activity at Madhya Pradesh and Telangana region. The Project Activity will create direct and indirect job opportunities to the local community during installation and operation of the renewable energy projects.

Additional Information

The proposed project activity will replace anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) estimated to be average 75,236 tCO2e per annum, thereon displacing average 80,855 MWh/year amount of electricity from the generation-mix of power plants connected to the Indian electricity grid, which is mainly dominated by thermal/ fossil fuel-based power plant.