Project Submission No. S00215
Project Title Mushishito - Rukarara V hydropower project
Project Owner (as per PSF & LOA) Omnihydro Limited
Focal Point of Project Owners*(FP)
Omnihydro Limited
Email of Contact Person of FP (Primary)
Email of Contact Person of FP (Secondary)
Country Rwanda
Submission Date 12 Apr 2022
Global Stakeholder Consultation Period 12 May 2022 - 26 May 2022
Sector 1.Energy industries (renewable-/non-renewable sources)
GCC/CDM Methodology & Version AMS.I.D Grid connected renewable electricity generation Version 18.0
Forecasted GHG Emission Reduction(TCO2/Year) 9009
Forecasted E+ Label Yes
Forecasted S+ Label Yes
Forecasted SDG+ Goals 7
Forecasted SDG+ Label Bronze
Forecasted Market Eligibility CORSIA(C+)
Name of Authorized External Representative Organization Aera Group
Name of Focal Point of External Representative Aurélie Lepage
Email-id of Focal Point
Documents for Global Stakeholder Consultation Project Submision, Calculation Sheet, Other Documents
Project Brief

The Rukakara V and Mushishito Hydro Power Plant are greenfield projects located on the Rukakara and Mushishito rivers respectively in the district of Nyamagabe, Rwanda.
The hydropower project is composed of a run-of-river hydropower plant with capacities of 3.06 MW for Rukakara V and 2.28 MW for Mushishito totalling 5.34 MW, with an overall estimated average gross electricity generation of 25 GWh per year. The plants are connected via a 30kV transmission line to the national grid.
Electricity in Rwanda is mainly generated from hydro power plants (50%), though, in 2019, only one person out of 10 in rural areas has access to electricity. It’s Rwanda’s strategy, to develop more hydropower plants to increase renewable energy availability. Thus the Rukakara V and Mushishito plants are in line with the national strategy.
The project is implemented by Omnihydro Ltd, a subsidiary of Omnicane (Mauritius) incorporated in Rwanda.

Additional Information

Omnicane has applied the GCC Program’s Project Sustainability Standard to voluntarily demonstrate the contribution of the proposed Project Activity to achieving UN- and national-level SDGs by identifying project-level SDG targets, and indicators to demonstrate their achievement. The Project Owner for the proposed Project Activity has committed to contributing to achieving two UN- and national-level SDGs (goals 7 and 13)