Project Submission No. S00362
Project Title 7MW Waste Heat Recovery based power generation at SJCPL
Project Owner (as per PSF & LOA) (1) My Home Power Consultancy Services Private Limited, (2) Sree Jayajothi Cements Private Limited, and (3) My Home Industries Private Limited
Focal Point of Project Owners*(FP)
My Home Power Consultancy Services Private Limited
Email of Contact Person of FP (Primary)
Email of Contact Person of FP (Secondary)
Country India
Submission Date 1 Jul 2022
Global Stakeholder Consultation Period 12 Sep 2022 - 26 Sep 2022
Sector 1.Energy industries (renewable-/non-renewable sources)
GCC/CDM Methodology & Version ACM0012- Waste energy recovery, Version-06.0, EB87, Annex-7
Forecasted GHG Emission Reduction(TCO2/Year) 34768
Forecasted E+ Label Yes
Forecasted S+ Label Yes
Forecasted SDG+ Goals SDG 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13
Forecasted SDG+ Label Platinum
Forecasted Market Eligibility CORSIA(C+)
Name of Authorized External Representative Organization
Name of Focal Point of External Representative
Email-id of Focal Point
Documents for Global Stakeholder Consultation Project Submision, Calculation Sheet, Other Documents
Project Brief

Sree Jayajothi Cements Private Limited (SJCPL) has a cement plant having one number of clinker production line with the design capacity of 1.8MTPA upgraded to 2.2MTPA in 2015-16 prior to inception of the project activity, which can burn many forms of coal and coke in the kiln and in the pre-calciner. The proposed project activity installation of waste heat recovery boilers to recover waste heat generated from the Cement Kiln pre-heater and Air Quenching Chambers (AQC), which utilizes the waste heat (hot air drawing from mid tap) from cooler, and exhaust flue gas with minimum heat source available from Pre-heater and AQC to generate superheated steam to produce power. The project proposes to install 2 heat recovery boilers with 1 set of single injection condensing turbine-generator unit with the installed capacity of 7 MW. The estimated annual average and the total CO2e emission reduction by the project activity over the crediting period of 10 years are expected to be 34768 tCO2e and 347680 tCO2e respectively.

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