Project Submission No. S00638
Project Title GES/United Renewable Energy 21.9 MW Solar Portfolio Located in Jebel Ali & Mina Rashid
Project Owner (as per PSF & LOA) GES Energy Middle East FZE
Focal Point of Project Owners*(FP)
Amer Arafat
Email of Contact Person of FP (Primary)
Email of Contact Person of FP (Secondary)
Country United Arab Emirates
Submission Date 4 Jul 2022
Global Stakeholder Consultation Period 28 Nov 2022 - 12 Dec 2022
Sector 1.Energy industries (renewable-/non-renewable sources)
GCC/CDM Methodology & Version GCCM001 v3
Forecasted GHG Emission Reduction(TCO2/Year) 12,648
Forecasted E+ Label Yes
Forecasted S+ Label Yes
Forecasted SDG+ Goals SDG 7, SDG 8
Forecasted SDG+ Label Silver
Forecasted Market Eligibility CORSIA(C+)
Name of Authorized External Representative Organization Element 6 FZCO
Name of Focal Point of External Representative Element 6 FZCO
Email-id of Focal Point
Documents for Global Stakeholder Consultation Project Submision, Calculation Sheet,
Project Brief

The purpose of the project activity is the construction and operation of a new rooftop Solar PV plant that supplies renewable electricity to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) grid.

The Solar PV plant, with a capacity of 21.9 MW and an annual electricity generation potential of 36,085 MWh, is located at JAFZA and Mina Rashid areas in Dubai. The project consisted of rooftop solar installations on office buildings, light industrial units and car parks across the facilities in Jebel Ali in the city of Dubai situated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In the absence of the project activity (pre-project-scenario) the electricity would have otherwise been generated by the operation of grid-connected power plants and by the addition of new generation sources to the grid.

The project activity was developed by General Energy Solutions FZ LLC and realized greenhouse gas emission reductions by the substitute of carbon intensive grid electricity by

means of zero carbon photovoltaic based electricity production. The estimated emission reductions associated with the project activity over the crediting period (7 years renewable) are 117,026 tCO2, with an annual average of 16,718 tCO2. This was the estimation when the project was first registered as 2 CPAs under the CDM for a period of 7 years

The project activity is now being excluded from the CDM and transferred to the GCC for the period from 01/01/2021 till the end of the crediting period as was initially approved by the CDM which is 30/06/2025.

The total estimated emission reductions under the GCC crediting period is 63,240 tCO2 with an annual average of 12,648 tCO2e.

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